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Book Share: Wilbert The Worm By Harpreet M. Dayal



Picture from the children’s book, Wilbert The Worm



Book Summary

“Under a bed of roses and yellow daisies lives a shy and quiet worm named Wilbert. He often hears about all the wonderful things to see above ground from his friend Amy the Ant but he himself has never been. When Wilbert finally decides to take a trip above ground, he meets a spider and a digger bee who stand in his way. Will Wilbert overcome these bullies and see all the wonderful things his friend talks about?”


Picture from the children’s book, Wilbert The Worm

Book Review

I am passionate about childhood literacy, so when Harpreet Dayal reached out to me asking for my honest review of her book, in return for a free copy, I agreed. Of course, all of thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

This chapter book story takes the reader on a journey through the eyes of Wilbert the Worm. Over the course of his voyage, Wilbert meets several other insects. Ultimately, Wilbert is faced with the choice to follow his curiosity to see more of the world, or to live every day in his home where he is comfortable.

I believe this book would be ideal for second or third grade children who have an extensive vocabulary and favor insects and adventure stories. One feature that made this book unique is Harpreet Dayal’s incorporation of songs throughout this story. I found the songs to be a nice break in the natural rhythm of the story.

One of my favorite features of this tale is the message of persistence. Dayal gently wove this theme into the series of events that unravel in Wilbert’s journey. I enjoyed that Wilbert the Worm did not give up, even when faced with fears and opposition. Wilbert models bravery and persistence, which is a message worth delivering to children.


Picture from the children’s book, Wilbert The Worm

About the Author

Harpreet M. Dayal was born and raised in London, England. She holds a BA in Business and Psychology from London Metropolitan University. The story of Wilbert’s fear of the unknown very much mirrors her own fears of moving away from familiarity and comfort to somewhere new. Having spent all her life in England, she began the process of moving to Canada to start a new chapter of her life with her husband. This short book for children taps into the ideas of overcoming fears, standing up for your dreams, following your heart and accepting change.

Wilbert The Worm is now available on amazon.


Harpreet M. Dayal




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