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How to Easily Add Variety to Your Wardrobe With Pearl Earrings – A Review

Looking trendy once you are a mom, becomes more challenging. It is way more convenient to throw on something comfortable in the morning, rather than something stylish. Putting effort into your outfit can feel like a waste of time if you have a little one, because the likelihood of you having to change your clothes due to spit up, poop, and other unidentified liquids is very high. Have no fear, I am here to help you find easy ways to add variety to your wardrobe with pearl earrings.


I am a huge fan of pearls, they are timeless and always in style. One of the first pieces of real jewelry I bought was a ring with a black pearl. So, when Pearl & Clasp approached me asking me to do an honest review in exchange for a free pair of black pearl earrings, I happily obliged. As my readers, your trust is paramount, so I’d like to be transparent in letting you know that all of the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates.

Outfit Combinations

Here is an example of how to combine these earrings with an everyday look:


This is an example of how to pair black pearl earrings with a semi-dressy style:


This would be a great look for a dressy occasion:


Product Details

The earrings I used in these photos are 9MM Button Black Freshwater Earrings with silver metal. Here are the pros and cons of this product:


  • The size. I like how substantial the earrings are so that you can actually notice them. I have had black pearl earrings in the past that were so small, that I felt like they didn’t really look like pearls. So these are a great size.
  • The quality of the pearl and earring post. The quality of the earring and the post is good. It feels like the pearl is very securely attached to the post.
  • The earrings as a pair. The earrings matched in both circumference and depth, sheen, and color.


  • The earring backings. When I tried these earrings on, one of the backings fit on the post and the other backing was so loose that it kept sliding off. I actually swapped the backing out, so that the earring would stay in for the photos. Even though this is a simple fix, I have lost earrings that are sentimental to me because of this.
  • An imperfection. Although I believe it is common for pearls to have imperfections, I would like to note that there was a very tiny divot in one of the pearl earrings.

I enjoyed pairing these earrings with different styles of clothing and look forward to wearing them to spice up my wardrobe.

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