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Mom Life Crash Course


Have you ever had one of those days that begins like every other day, only to take a sudden turn for the worst? That unsuspecting day happened for me a few weeks ago. I wrote about it in a piece called “Mom Life Crash Course” that was featured on Her View From Home.

“Some days, I wake up and think that this day will be just like every other day. I drink my coffee, take care of the kids, and slip into my normal routine. Then, life happens, and nothing goes the way I’d hoped.

On an unsuspecting morning like this, I had promised to run an errand to help my mom go shopping for a special event. So, she arranged for someone to watch my daughter for a few hours. I thought about taking my daughter shopping with us, but figured it would be easiest to only take my three-month-old.

When I got back from our shopping trip, I immediately spotted…”



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