Feature Friday

Feature Friday with Blogger, Gladys Paz


Are y’all ready to meet Gladys Paz from the blog Gladly Made?

If you have a smart phone, what is your favorite app?

Pinterest is definitely my favorite app.

What song best describes your blog/brand?

It’s weird but I’m gonna say… I have been working on the railroad. The song is about work but it’s upbeat and it talks about work as a pastime. I blog about life, parenting, home as an enjoyable past time not as work, but for sure it’s work.

How many hours after getting paid does it take you to spend your entire pay check?

Ha! When I was working my paycheck was mostly spent way before I got it.

What blogging post are you most proud of? Why?

I am very proud of “Shine Don’t You Know You Are Wonderful”. When I wrote it I spoke from my heart and there was no one around to stop me. People usually get really uncomfortable when you tell them they are special. They look at you like, “I’m not giving you any money”. So it’s hard to tell people the truth sometimes. This post allowed me to say it, you are wonderful.

If you could be any celebrity, who would you be?

I would probably be Angelina Jolie. Married to Brad Pitt and having a bunch of kids.


Describe your blog using only three words.

Creative, home, making 😊

What book(s) are you currently reading?

Don’t judge me, but I prefer to be read to. My children read to me. So I am a huge fan of children’s books. My favorite of all time has to be Pat the Bunny.

What makes your blog unique?

I think the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing makes it unique. Most bloggers have it pretty much all figured out, I know I’m learning from them. I plan to write about those things that I’m learning. I’m really excited about all that is to come.

If we were at Starbucks right now what drink would you order?

I don’t like Starbuck’s coffee, I drink Bustello, which is an expresso style Columbian coffee. Only the hard stuff for me 😊, and then I add lots of milk and sugar.

What else would you like us to know about you or your blog?

I am far from being perfect or always right. I will change my mind about things as I learn more about them. Gladly Made is intended to be a collaboration between me and my readers. When you visit leave a comment, a suggestion, a thought, whatever is on your mind. Maybe it will turn into a post and maybe others will be helped because of your words, hopefully, I’m one of the people helped.


Want to connect with Gladys Paz?


 Gladly Made


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4 thoughts on “Feature Friday with Blogger, Gladys Paz

  1. I found her on a blog hop not too long ago and started following her on Twitter 🙂 It’s nice to get to know a little more about you Gladys!


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