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How to Create a Photo Challenge 

Creating a photo challenge is a fun way to engage with your audience on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Utilizing this challenge, you can invite your followers to post a picture each day that correlates with your photo categories. Follow these 10 steps for setting up your own photo challenge:

1. Blank calendar

Begin with a blank calendar for the month of your choosing.

2. Add Holidays

Fill in any holidays that you’d like to incorporate in your photo challenge. You may also want to include some unique days, like “National Popcorn Day,” or “Bubble Bath Day” that can be found here.

3. Special Events

Next add special events, blog post features, or any other important dates you’d like to include to your calendar.

4. Brand

Think about yourself or your brand. What kinds of posts do you like to post like food, books, selfie’s, workstation pics, quotes, or fashion styles? You may even want to research your followers and see what kind of pictures they like to post, as you will want them to want to participate. Create a list of the kinds of posts you want to include.

5. Categories

Now, you are ready to pick a category or picture title, for each day of the month. Make sure to pick a category that will match any special days you have written on your calendar. I also recommend alternating through different kinds of posts, to make sure you have a good variety. So for example, you don’t want two quotes in a row.

6. Hashtag

Next, you are ready to create a hashtag for people to use when they participate in your photo challenge. You can check the popularity of your hashtag by typing it in the search option in Instagram or Facebook.

7. Graphic

You are ready to create a graphic that includes a description of the photo for each day of the month. I like the app Canva for designing graphics. This is a photo challenge I have created for April:

8. Promote

After you have finished creating your graphic, promote your photo challenge a few days before the beginning of the month you have picked. Invite your friends and followers to join in the fun.

9. Plan Ahead

Have some of your photos ready ahead of time, to make participating daily in your photo challenge a little easier.

10. Spread the love

If you like one of the photos someone posts for your photo challenge, spread the love by Re-posting the picture and of course giving them photo credit.

That’s it. If you’d like to share a photo challenge you create, I’d love to see it!


18 thoughts on “How to Create a Photo Challenge 

  1. This is an AWESOME idea! I have been trying to come up with ways to engage my followers and this is something I might try. I could start working now for one in May! Thanks for linking up at Friday Funday and please come back again next week!


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