Yoga Time!

There is nothing quite like bonding with your child. I am constantly looking for new opportunities and activities I can do with my little one. The more interactive it is, the better. I have found that books can be a great avenue to connect with your child.

Recently, I read the children’s picture eBook Yoga with Iggy the Piggy, A yoga book for children, to my daughter. This vibrant book is about a rotund pig who models simple yoga poses on each page. We had a great time laughing, stretching, and trying out different poses together!IMG_0740 (2)

We were not only having fun together, but getting in some bonus reading time too. I would love to hear ideas about how you connect with your little one too.


2 thoughts on “Yoga Time!

  1. I recently took up yoga at home after attending a few classes and it was more than a great new relaxation! I hoped to take more classes but for now I’ll settle.

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