Top 10 Pregnancy Favorites


1. Blog

Pregnant chicken

The writer of this blog is hilarious and brutally honest. I love her work.

2. Chapped lips

Lansinoh Lanolin cream

I started to get really chapped lips once I was pregnant, no matter how much water I drank. The best thing I have found to help is the lanolin cream.

3. Discounted Baby and Maternity Items

I went to my first consignment sale in September and got some killer deals. I have found it helpful to go in prepared with a list of items you need. In the Virginia area, the following organization puts on two huge sales during the year. First time moms get in free, if you pre-register.

Just between friends

4. Books

Week by week:

You and Your Baby Pregnancy: The Ultimate Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide, By Laura Riley

This book is written by an OB/GYN. It gives weekly updates on what is happening with your baby, your body, and frequently asked questions.

Getting Baby to Sleep:

On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the GIFT of Nighttime Sleep, By Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam

This book gives advice on how to get your baby to sleep 8 hours at night by 8 weeks.

5. Exercise

I am a huge fan of yoga to begin with, however it is by far my favorite pregnancy workout. Yoga stretches your muscles and ligaments, provides relief for your growing body, and decreases stress.

6. Prenatal Vitamin

Rainbow Light Just Once Prenatal One Advanced Multivitamin

This vitamin had really good reviews online and I have been really happy with it.

7. Back pain

Going to the chiropractor was one of the best decisions I made while pregnant. It was a total game changer for me. Ask if a therapeutic massage is covered by your insurance.

8. Nursing bra

Thyme Maternity brand sold by Babies R Us

I had to buy a new bra a few months after I found out I was pregnant. Many of my friends who were already moms recommended this brand. I have been very happy with it so far. Babies R Us runs a sale every once in a while, so you can get 30% off.

9. Sleeping Through the Night

Ever since I bought this pillow, I have slept so much better. This pillow makes a huge difference.

10. Maternity clothes



I bought my dress for my shower and a winter coat from this store. They have free shipping and free returns. Can’t beat that.



The clothes are affordable and trendy.

I would love to hear what your favorites are. Please leave a comment if you have one you would like to share!


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