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Thank you for visiting Modern Mama Blog. I have moved all of my blogging goodness over to Making Motherhood Matter, a motherhood + lifestyle blog guiding mamas from pregnancy through preschool.

Making Motherhood Matter is the best place to find free resources for mothers with young children. This is the site for you if:

  • You like free parenting resources.
  • You enjoy reading about motherhood, pregnancy, & parenting.
  • You like easy, delicious recipes including my all of my cooking secrets.

Step One: Get to know Amy

Hi, I’m Amy Lu!

I am a mother of two little cuties under two and former first grade teacher with my Reading Specialist Masters degree, who loves sharing practical parenting and pregnancy resources. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of completing several behavior management courses, in addition to the invaluable privilege of years of working with a wide variety of children. I love being a mama, cooking tasty meals, and sharing my passion for positive parenting through writing.

I have had the honor of being published on The Huffington Post, iMomHer View From Home, and Living for Naptime. My desire to inspire positivity and promote kindness through highly relatable resources that are embedded with practical suggestions.

Step Two: Join the community

Would you like to connect with a network of parents in the same phase of life who can answer questions you might have about anything related to parenting? Click the link to join Positive Parenting Tools for Parents of Young Children Community Group to get connected today.

In this group, you will find access to free parenting resources, get real answers to questions, find practical examples of incorporating learning with play, and join monthly discussions about routines / scheduling, organization, kids activities, recipe sharing, and more.

You can also find me at:

Step Three: Get Access to the Parenting Resources Freebies Vault

Currently in the Parenting Resources Freebies Vault is:

  • Kindness behavior chart
  • List for mama and baby of what you really need during the first week home
  • 30-Day parenting challenge
  • A complete supply list with everything you need for beating boredom when stuck in the house with sick kids
  • 12 Role Play Scenarios for toddler emotional and social development
  • A sample 6-Month-Old baby schedule
  • Inspiring parenting posters
  • Complete packing list for family vacations
  • Cleaning templates and more

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Step Four: Get your reading on!

Here are a few of my most popular blog posts to get you started:

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